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Our mold testing service will aid you in determining the type of mold in your property and the level of airborne mold spores you’re breathing. If you need a mold test, we can assist you. It is imperative to use the right Benton Harbor mold testing company to analyze and test your home or business for mold.

Avoid Health Issues

Mold can be discovered practically anywhere in your business or home. It can grow on almost any organic substance as long as oxygen and moisture are displayed. It is hopeless to get rid of all mold spores in an indoor setting. However, some types have a connection to bad health symptoms. Testing will usually detect these challenging types.

Breathe comfortably in your business or home with indoor air quality testing from us. Our objective is to offer you mold testing that helps you have a healthier lifestyle.


Our team inspects foundation crawl spaces, attics, and every interior space for mold and moisture issues. We also do exterior inspections to pinpoint problems that could bring about interior mold growth.


Molds are microscopic organisms that have been around for years. They can be anywhere on the earth, outside and inside. Most professionals agree that there are over 100,000 various kinds of mold. When adequate moisture is present, and a natural food source exists, a development of mold is possible. If the conditions persist, mold can grow.


Our Benton Harbor, MI mold inspector will decide if you have a mold problem, what is the cause, and how to solve it.

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