Whole House Inspection

From Top to Bottom, We Do It All

Benton Harbor Whole House Inspections

Crawlspace to Roofs

Our whole-house inspection delivers a comprehensive, top to bottom certified home inspection.

You can be stress-free knowing that your real estate deal is moving along flawlessly.

Our Benton Harbor whole-house inspector will provide you with a clear narrative style report of the actual conditions of the major and minor parts in your dream house. That will put you in the know of any hazards or concerns which are present.

All of our whole-house inspection includes doors, structure, foundations, roof, attic insulation and ventilation, windows, interior and exterior walls, plumbing, electrical systems, cooling and heating systems, bathrooms, kitchens and built-in appliances.

Typically, deficiencies or defects that are revealed by a whole house inspection are used to bargain down the price of the house. Repair costs are usually exaggerated to give an advantage to the buyer. By knowing about any defects, you’ll have time to get an affordably-priced handyman or perform DIY repairs.

Our mission is to aid you in coming to an informed home purchase decision. In today’s economy, the house buying process is moving faster than ever. Our inspectors are available during regular business hours and on the weekends to be of assistance.

Premier Customer Service

As our client, you are urged to take part in the whole-home inspection process. In fact, our inspectors welcome it. That provides you with the opportunity to ask questions and get useful maintenance advice.

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